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Our Story


Kolor Society is a member-only social club for individuals of the African Diaspora. We are dedicated to creating quality events with South Los Angeles and beyond as well as, maintaining a hub for the African Diaspora community and culture.

After organizing TEDxCrenshaw, people asked our Founder, Zaneta J. Smith, where can I find more events like this in South Los Angeles.

Residents wanted a consistent event in South LA that could deliver a social, intellectual, and culturally-specific aspect in one. Turns out, Zaneta was looking for the same thing. Kolor Society is your club with goals to increase connection, partnerships, and standards of living



Connections: Business & Tech Mixer

koloring book brunch




meet & greet


Mental health and the struggle



  • Ages 25-45

  • Proven contribution to society (e.g. project, workplace impact, business, family life, book, etc.)

  • Member of the African Diaspora


  • Trial Membership: $35.99/year from now until December 31, 2018


  • Includes access to: Brunch (August), Connections Mixers - Business & Tech (monthly)

  • Access to events in 2018, including monthly mix and mingles, TEDxCrenshaw Main Event (Trial Membership excluded).

  • Invitations to Partner events across the city

  • Member-only Portal

  • Access to video/audio content of social influencers

  • Complimentary parking at events

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