Zaneta J. Smith, Founder & CEO

Recently named as Holman Community Development Corporation’s Rising Champion, Zaneta is a fierce Social Worker by day and event producer by night. She also organizes TEDxCrenshaw. Spelman College & University of Illinois at Chicago graduate, Zaneta daydreams, travels, and eats at local restaurants in her spare time.


Meagan Warren,

Event Coordinator

Meagan is a Nurse by day and Event Planner by night. Waking up one day and thinking she wanted to have more fun and be more creative, she took out a Craigslist advertisement promoting her skills to assist women on their wedding day. She immediately was hired and thus started her event planning business, Chandrea’s Concierge. Meagan and Zaneta met via Black Book LA’s Job network.


Tone Hammond,

Resident Videographer

Anthony "Tone" Hammond Is a San Diego / Los Angeles based Cinematographer known for both his subtle and practical use of both framing and natural lighting techniques. As a former music producer, Tone got his first start by filming music videos for his former music team "The Umbrella Method". He soon realized he could apply these skills in narrative form as he was offered his first chance to be a Cinematographer for San Diego's 48 Hour Film Festival in 2017 Titled: (Distrait). Click here to learn more about Tone’s work.


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